Sesderma Reti-Age

Sesderma was founded 1989 by a group of dermatologist headed by Doctor Gabriel Serrano. The company’s mission is to create quality products with the need for innovation in the field of dermatology.

Sesderma Reti-Age line.

Sesderma Reti-Age

With the age the skin undergoes changes. Appears the first lines of expression which later becomes deep wrinkles.¬†Reti-Age line is made with 3-retinol system, which doesn’t cause any inconvenience: the dryness, itching and irritation.
Basically, retinol is a type of Vitamin A that stimulates the metabolism of skin cells and encourages collagen production. It should be the cornerstone of any skin care routine.

Here is the benefits of retinol:

– Helps promote the synthesis of collagen
– Improves the texture of the skin
– Increases the hydration of the skin
– Close the pore
– Regulates the production of fat
– Improves fine and deep wrinkles

Its magic is in its ability to resurface the skins’ texture for a smoother and even-toned look.


How to use Reti-Age cream and serum?

Apply first off all 4 drops a day of serum to the hand and and massage into the area being treated after the habitual treatment. Latter apply the cream to the skin of the face and massage until it is fully absorbed.


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