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As you know, the smile is the perfect outfit of the day. It doesn’t matter what you wear, you will never be fully dressed without a smile. So today I am ready to tell you full story about the most amazing teeth whitening product which I found from SMILE BRILLIANT! It is wonderful!!! Yes, that’s right!!! And now I am gonna tell you why.

In my Instagram you can see that I’m terrible coffee lover. This behaviour doesn’t give any bonus to have white teeth. I was worried about it until I found Smile Brilliant.
Many people admire the snow white smiles like Hollywood actresses and I am not exception.
Few years ago I had tried some teeth whitening products which had given me a wonderful results, but after some time my teeth became extra sensitive and I had to forget even about whitening toothpaste.
Thanks to Smile Brilliant, I don’t need to worry about it.

Sensitivity was the main point why I chose this brand. However there are some more very important aspects. I love my time and I don’t like to waste it. So if by any chance I can multi task, I will do it. This is all about teeth whitening with Smile Brilliant. You can do it at home and at the same time you can do other things. Some days I loved to do it while writing my blog, cooking, sunbathing on my roof top or just after sport and shower while preparing my make up and hair.

teeth whitening

Instruction Guide

It takes only 15 min to create your long lasting impressions! The whole Smile Brilliant teeth whitening system you can buy online at www.smilebrilliant.com  They are based in US but they are shipping worldwide.

teeth whitening

In the package you have everything included: whitening gel, desensitising gel and the rest what you might need for making your own lasting impressions. Even the envelope is included in which you will send your impressions back to laboratory.

teeth whitening

You will find 3 sets of impression material (catalyst paste and base paste). You will only need 2 sets of material but 3rd is provided in case you will make a mistake. To be honest, it happened for me 🙂 I was so excited and I was mixing both pastes too long. Didn’t realised how quick the time past. Be careful! You need to do it in 60 seconds.

teeth whitening

IMPORTANT! Don’t mix and prepare two trays in one time. When you will finish to prepare step by step one tray then you can start with another. First do upper dental impressions.

teeth whiteningteeth whitening

When you’ll remove catalyst (white) and base (blue) pastes from containers, mix thoroughly by continuously folding in half until it become a solid blue. Remember it shouldn’t take longer than 60 seconds.

teeth whitening

The last step is to place mixed putty in a tray and press into teeth evenly. You should do it in 30 seconds.

teeth whiteningteeth whitening

Press tray with putty deep enough into teeth so the material flows over the gum lines of both the front and rear teeth. Wait 2 min until it firms.

Repeat the same procedure for lower dental impressions. After waiting for about 30 minutes wash it with cold water. Don’t remove from the tray. Put it into envelope and mail to the laboratory.

Your custom whitening trays will be created and shipped to you within 5 business days after receiving your impressions.

Before and After

Today I am smiling more than yesterday. Thank you Smile Brilliant.

Check reviews here and watch video.

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