Healthy & luminous hair with NANOIL


Nanoil is exceptional blend of natural oils created for all hair types. It deeply nourishes hair and scalp, and effectively stimulates hair growth.

In just 30 days you can have healthy and luminous hair from roots to tips. The complex of natural oils, vitamins, and nutrients deeply rebuild and tame the hair, increase volume, facilitate combing and styling, stimulate growth, and inhibit hair loss.

As I mentioned before, NANOIL is perfect for all hair types. You need to make a porosity test and to find out what oil is suitable for your hair type.

Hair oil

The most popular methods for applying Nanoil Hair Oil include:

1. Scalp and hair oiling as a regenerating hair mask. You can wash Nanoil off after an hour, a few hours or leave it in overnight and wash off in the morning.

2. Applying the oil to wet/damp hair after washing – as a leave-in conditioner (avoiding the scalp).

3. Adding the oil to a hair balm, hair mask or a hair conditioner – to intensify their effects.

4. Applying Nanoil to (dry or damp) hair ends to protect, moisturise and repair them – as a serum for damaged ends.

6. Applying the oil before blow-drying (provides heat protection).

7. Applying the oil before sunbathes. Nanoil Hair Oil contains UV filter that prevents damage, dryness and fading of the colour.

I tried all of them. But my favourite is to leave it in overnight. In the first week I already noticed the difference – silky, smooth and glossy hair.

Hair oil

Genetically my hair are very fine and fragile. I can not make a miracle and get an extra volume immediately , but what I can do the best is to take care of them, protect from breakage and keep it healthy. That’s why I use NANOIL.

Hair oil


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